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(EEG) Elite Euro Goldens Is Founded On Producing Health & Beauty !!!

 Thank you and welcome to Elite Euro Goldens.  We are located in beautiful North Carolina and in the county of Durham.  Our family includes Myself, Tiffany with husband Christopher and young daughter Cheyenne along with six beautiful Golden Babies.  We love our goldens dearly and care for them together as they live in our home. 

 I grew up with an American Golden Retriever, he was red and the family dog. Duke I had rescued from an abuser who in turn got him from a golden retriever farm.  I remember literally army crawling down the chain link fence at my childhood next door neighbors.   There are fond memories of that loving loyal demeanor.  I would sneak to open the gate and we would both make a run for my house next door.  He was my best friend.  Soon the guy just gave my family the dog because he was tired of him getting out.  Duke turned into the neighborhood mascot.  God Times.

I attended college to study business Admin and Economics with Biology.  The goal of becoming a veterinarian.  After college I worked in Pharmaceuticals for years with a dream of breeding horses as we have a few on our 5 acres where the goldens run, swim, and play.  Horses don't mind as they are so accustomed to the dogs.  all one big happy family.  Fast forward a few years and I am now living my dream with my family where we together raise beautiful, healthy goldens.

Our dogs are health tested, DNA Certified, AKC Registered, Top European Genetics.  They come from a certain degree of breeding that's hard to come by. We  offer training to a few pups per litter for those who want a finished puppy and may not have the time or expertise to accomplish the goal. 

 There has been endless time and energy placed into finding ONLY the BEST examples of the Euro breed!!!  We pride ourselves in CLear Health Panels and Passing Clearances from Top Breeding Stock. This means clear of all genetic defects the breed is prone to. 

 We are here to educate you on your puppies, and help you through the puppy process.  Please reach out to us and reserve your puppy today.  We are happy to answer any questions and offer any further information.   

Thank You all in advance for the interest in our site and we look forward to helping you with your new Healthy Golden Retriever.


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(Excellent References available upon request)