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Thank you and welcome to Elite Euro Goldens.  We are located in beautiful North Carolina about 30 minutes from RDU Airport.

We are founded on producing healthy, beautiful Exquisite Golden Retrievers from our fully health tested proven imported World Champion lines. Genetics are so important.  We do not breed any affected genetics and our dogs are health tested clear of over 172 different genetic defects prone to the breed.  Including GR_PRA 1, GR_PRA 2, ICT, DM, MD, NCL etc.  We guarantee our dogs have passing hip and elbow scores and passing OFA eyes and hearts. We will be happy to share proof of our health clearances with you.  Our dogs are checked regularly with our amazing reproductive veterinarian who keeps them in tip top shape.

Puppies are whelped and loved within our home with plenty of love and attention using (ENS) Early Neurological Stimulation from birth creating sound stable puppies with a great start in life.  

Puppies also stay with mom for at least 8 weeks.  Puppies are Health Certified with confirmation of veterinary certification before leaving to there beloved homes .

Our Adults and puppies are given NuVet Plus as a treat daily.  It's an affordable supplement made with natural human grade ingredients for immune system support.  It's manufactured in a FDA registered pharmaceutical lab.  Each bottle is a 90 day supply. One tablet a day reduces the risk of vet bills by filling in the immunity gap protecting your puppy during the stressful times of weaning, vaccinations and going to a new home.  

NuVet Plus also fills any nutrient gaps found in diets as no matter how Holistic and nutrient dense a food is they all have important ingredients that get cooked out in some capacity.  This can leave your baby with a serious problem over the years.  NuVet Plus keeps blood sugar and insulin in check too.  It also dramatically reduces the risk of bumps, lumps, and tumors for many happy healthy years to come.  All reasons why we require this as part of our health guarantee.   If you are looking to protect joints NuVet carries a line of Joint Supplements as well like NuJoint and NuJoint DS.  We represent NuVet Plus for Its many health benefits as you can see!  NuVet Plus supplement is vital to the protection of your puppy as he grows and all throughout life.  

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**Diet is the sole source of your dog's base nutrient intake and

 we require feeding a 3 or 4 star Dog Food Diet from the 

Dog Food Advisor Site.  **

We personally choose to feed and represent Life's Abundance Diet as it has never had a recall and not one dog has tested low on taurine on this formula. This diet is made in small batches using environmentally controlled warehouses, free from pests and rodents, with strict oversight that creates fresh nutrient dense food made here in the USA.  Unlike your average dog store bought foods made in bulk that sit often more than a year before coming to the store for sale.  We like that Life's Abundance has a direct relationship with each consumer and knows where each bag of food is shipped so there is a two way line of communication.  Food is shipped directly to the customer and not sold in retail stores as to monitor each bag.  Life's Abundance has been an over performer for the last decade using only the safest highest quality ingredients.  There dry pet foods are made by a third generation family pet food maker where making pet food is not only a  family tradition but an art form!

The formulator Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, has created a diet using targeted daily nutrition to significantly impact on wellness.  Life's Abundance uses high quality proteins and whole grains with optimum ingredients containing antioxidants and prebiotics thats gluten free without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  She has dedicated her entire life to helping pets live longer and healthier.  Dr. Jane excels in the harmonious balancing of nutrients to create outstanding formulas.   We recommend the Regular All Life Stages Formula perfect for Puppies to Adults.  Just follow the feeding chart on the bag along with regular monitoring of weight, no two dogs are alike.  

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When breeding we take our time to find the best pairing for the brightest healthiest outcome complimenting the breeds purpose.  Not only looking at the healthiest genetics but the breeding coefficient.  Not something everyone thinks to check. 

I attended college to study Biology with the goal of becoming a veterinarian.  After college I worked in Pharmaceuticals for years with a dream of breeding horses as we have on our 5 acre property where our goldens swim, and play.  Horses don't mind as they are so accustomed to the dogs.  All one big happy family.  We now focus on our beautiful, healthy goldens and the betterment of the breed.

Our dogs are health tested, DNA Certified, AKC Registered, Healthy, Champion Euro Genetics.  They come from a certain degree of breeding that's hard to come by.  We  offer training to a few pups per litter for those who want a finished puppy and may not have the time or expertise to accomplish the goal. 

There has been endless time and energy placed into finding ONLY the BEST examples of the European Golden!!!  We pride ourselves in CLear Health Panels and Passing Clearances from Top Proven Breeding Stock. 

We are here to educate you on your puppies, and help you through the puppy process.  Please reach out to us and reserve your puppy today.  We are happy to answer any questions and offer any further information.   

Thank You all in advance for the interest in our site and we look forward to helping you with your new Healthy Golden Retriever Puppy.

Elite Euro Goldens

Tiffany K. Dickerson 

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