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PRCD-GR_PRA 1 & 2 :   

     Progressive Retinal Atrophy, progressive Rod-cone degeneration (PRA-prcd) is a late onset, inherited eye disease affecting many breeds of dog. PRA-prcd occurs as a result of degeneration of both rod and cone type Photoreceptor Cells of the Retina, which are important for vision in dim and bright light, respectively 

     Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a category of genetic mutations that cause vision loss and blindness. ... PRA affects many different dog breeds, and these mutations are breed-specific. In Golden Retrievers, two mutations have been identified in addition to prcd-PRA known as GR-PRA1 and GR-PRA2. 


     Ichthyosis is a chronic, incurable autoimmune disease and worsens with time.  It is best characterized to take over the body like aids -  In time all organs are affected and dog may be euthanized... 

    The breeder or veterinarian can confuse Ichthyosis with the presence of parasites on the skin that may also be responsible for dandruff. A very frequent disease. More than 90% of all Golden Retrievers are carriers of the genetic mutation responsible for Ichthyosis and only 10% genetically clear of disease.



      Hip dysplasia is seen more frequently in large breed dogs such as Golden Retrievers.  It's an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. It is a genetic trait that is affected by both genetics and environmental factors.  

Elbows Dysplasia (ED) : 

     Golden Retrievers have long been known to suffer from elbow Humeral Condylar Osteochondrosis (HCO) as well as from other forms of elbow dysplasia .  Determination of the type of elbow disease, its extent and the degree of secondary osteochondrosis requires X-rays examination.  Like other complex, multi-gene diseases in which environmental factors also play a part, good progress in reducing the prevalence of HCO is likely to be aided by greater knowledge of the underlying genetics.  One approach is to breed from dogs that have a better breeding value than average for the breed. 

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