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We pride ourselves in sparing no expense to better the breed. We use Healthy Euro Champion Genetics with pedigrees going back 5 generations or more of Excellent Clearances. We offer a happy healthy puppy for your family!

***Our puppies come from Champion Euro Parents.  AKC Registered.  Healthy  Genetics!   Up to date on all vaccines, wormings, microchipped, health certified*** 

*** NOTE:  Elite Euro Goldens reserves the right to take 1st pick on any litter to further the Breeding Program ***

- Wags and Brags

"Tiffany is great at what she does.  Thank you so much Elite Euro Goldens for Macks he is a blessing and we love him with all of our hearts.  He loves going everywhere with us as I stay home and loves his car rides!  Thanks again couldn't feel more blessed!"  -Brad, GA

"I am so glad we found you.  Cody is the best boy ever. He loves me almost as much as I love him. I couldn't have gotten a better boy.  Just So in Love..."  -Lorrie, NC

"Marci is so sweet and a attentive. She sleeps at the foot of our bed every night and lets us know when she needs to go out.  She learned to not potty in the house so fast.  Is that normal or is my dog a genius.  I think my dog is a genius. My husband thinks Marci has filled that empty spot in our lives since the kids have grown up and left.  Anyways, be blessed and continue doing what you do best."  -Glenn Jay, VA

" Hey Tiffany I am just so glad we found Elite Euro Goldens.  I just wanted to say I am so excited about our precious JOY.  You have made my dream of a healthy golden come true.  I lost 2 to cancer and hip dysplasia last year and don't know if I could deal with that again.  I will always love CC and Jaz but I have been able to heal a little since this special baby girl.  I feel better knowing Joy is clear and mom and dad have great hips!  I had no idea these things were important or existed! Guess I should have researched a bit more before." 

"You have made learning about the European Golden Retriever fun and oh so interesting.  I love that you are always there if I need to bother you with a puppy question. But anyways, Joy is doing great and we couldn't be happier.   Already potty trained and great with our son and youngest daughter. You are a very interesting person and I can tell you care a lot for your dogs and these puppies.  Thank You for being there".  -Renee, AL

"Tiffany, Hope this message finds you well.   I wanted you to know Domanic is the most stunning, sweet, loyal, clever, amazing dog.  Actually he is not a dog he is a person.  He literally sits in the car like a human.  He's patient and sits in the car until I get back.  I can leave pizza in the car and he will not touch it if i have told him not to.  My vet thinks he is amazing and I quote "The most beautiful easy going English Golden I've ever seen."  He has been an amazing addition to our family and wonder what we did without him.  I will definitely make you my only breeder.  I want a girl so he can have a sister.  Let me know when you have your next amazing litter.  Love the heads on your dogs.  Like Tonka trucks lol, blocky.  Believing in You with all my heart.  You have made my year! - Cristy, SC

EEG, Ever since my older Cody past last year I have been worried about Dusty.  I am so blessed to have gotten the only boy from the litter.  My Cody is in heaven smiling down on  Cody 2.0, aka Bentley.  Bentley is perfect.  I usually don't get puppies but it has worked out for the best.  Thank You for working with me and being there in my time of need. Dusty is eating again and doesn't seem as depressed anymore which makes me happy.  Bentley is such a big blocky headed boy which is exactly what I wanted.  I love the look of your dogs.  They sell themselves.  Very Happy with my boy! A Big Thank You Again Tiffany  -Sam, Upstate NY

a puppies life week by week!


Before going Home


Newborn to two weeks

- Hold/handle puppy while touching ears, mouth, feet, toes, and tail.

- Introducing puppy to temperature changes and textures inside the whelping box.

Two to four weeks

- Continue newborn to two weeks routine (above) while adding toys to whelping box.

Four to five weeks

- Introduce to the crate.  Introduce to the grooming process.

- Brushing, nail clipping, cleaning ears, etc.  Puppy Gym

Five to six weeks

- Continue crate time, and grooming process, and puppy gym.  

Six to eight weeks

- Continue the above and add Individual Time.  Training commands with Introduction to Collar/Leash.

Eight weeks

- Time to go to their "Forever Homes"

Crate Training


Potty Training

_ Teaching To Go Outside _

Potty training is an important step in training your dog. 

Training a puppy to pee outside takes 4 to 6 months on average, but it can be a lot quicker if you are very consistent about taking your puppy outside every few hours. 

Some puppies can be potty trained in as little as two weeks.